Lotus Peak

An amsterdam based film production company that focuses on developing scripted film and television for streamers, cinema and the international film festival circuit.

About Us


Who Are we

Our passion is crafting stories through the cinematic lens, bringing life to scripted films and television with an eye on streamers, cinemas, and the international festival scene. Central to "our way" is nurturing a creative playground where artistic exploration meets a sound business strategy, ensuring that creativity and commerce coexist.

We're all about aiming for that perfect balance between collaboration and structured planning. Our approach is built on transparency, offering a framework that enhances decision-making, defines roles, and outlines responsibilities, while still making sure there's plenty of space for creative leaps.

Our "philosophy" would be to guide our team but also empower our filmmakers and artists to dive deep into their craft, enabling them to weave captivating, emotionally charged stories that are fun and resonate with the audience.



Lotus Peak emerges as a fresh venture by Joost Bremmers, a filmmaker with over a decade of experience. This venture draws its roots from a strong foundation laid by Joost and his co-founder, beginning with House of Lumen in 2019, which evolved into Creative Comet in 2023.

With the experience from previous companies, Joost thought it was time to also delve into the realm of scripted film and television. With Lotus Peak, Joost channels this passion into a focused pursuit, leveraging his experience in a different industry.

conceptual knowledge

A storytelling superpower, fueled by years of production finesse and a rich background in concept development & scripting.

in-house assets

We have everything you need.
Think of us as a one-stop creative shop, courtesy of Creative Comet.

Freelance Network

A community of industry specialists, each bringing their unique magic to the table.

What we do

A Motion Picture Company

We want to bring stories to life. Our focus? Developing and producing innovative ideas for scripted film and television. It's not just about the stories; it's about how they're told.

Storytelling pulses at the core of everything we do, guiding us as we craft narratives that captivate and resonate with our audience. Who's our audience, you ask? Well, let's just say if you've ever laughed, cried, or sat on the edge of your seat during a show, you're on our list.

Besides the script - we're committed to nurturing talent, believing that every creative voice has something unique to offer. We aim to build a vibrant community of storytellers where ideas flourish, talents shine, and stories last.

Our Partners


Experimental Short


A young man got lost between fiction and reality, while looking for a way out.



Short Film

Het sprookje van de paling

A rich insecure countess marries a poor narcissistic man to satisfy her hunger for love.



Scripted Television

Fatbikes for Life

When Bennacer (Ben) moves to the elitist Haarlem-South area, the Fatbike Gang, a group of posh kids terrorizing the neighborhood, soon want to recruit him because of his street rep.



Short Film


A young father needs a kidney transplant to survive, but when one is handed to him on a silver platter, he cannot accept it.


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